Service & Repair

We can repair most makes of jukeboxes at your home within a 100 mile radius of our base which is near junction 26 of the M1. If you live further away than that many of the jukeboxes have parts that can be shipped in the post so call us to see if we can help. There is always the option to bring your jukebox to us so that we can spend more time with it. Service and repair call out costs are, within 50 miles £80, between 50 and 80 £100 and between 80 to 100 miles £120. We are prepared to travel further but cost will depend on where you are. This will cover 1 hour with your jukebox and if we can't fix it we should be able to tell you what the problem is and what is needed to repair it. We don't watch the time so your 1 hour can go to 2 hours but we won't charge you, we like to fix your jukebox first time.

Amplifier Repairs

We are now able to offer amplifier rebuilds for jukeboxes. We work on a 3 tier system to give you the choice of rebuild you would like. Our first option is to repair your amp to our minimum standard, which includes changing capacitors and faulty valves, basically to get your amp working as it stands. If transformers are faulty we will let you know and it would be an extra charge. Our second level is to repair your amp as above but extra time is spent on making the chassis look presentable. All capacitors are replaced along with faulty valves. Our top standard is to make your amp look like it just came out of the factory. The chassis is stripped and re-sprayed to a very high standard. The transformers are stripped and rewound and components replaced. Decals and labelling is replaced, you won't know it is your amp either by looking at it or hearing it play. Our repairs are done by one of the country's leading valve amp specialists and are fully gauranteed. If you need more information please contact us via email or call 07786 727186

REPAIR LEVEL 1 £160........ REPAIR LEVEL 2 £220........ REPAIR LEVEL 3 £700

We can supply and repair a variety of fruit machines or offer advice on where a problem could exist. Many older electronic fruit machines will be difficult or not viable to repair but ask us before you make any decision. If you are after a specific fruit machine tell us what it is and we will try to source one for you. We cannot supply machines to the pub trade and any machine sold by us must be for your own personal use.



NSM AND SOUND LEISURE TIME KEEPER AND MEMORY CHIP. If you are having problems getting your NSM or Sound Leisure jukebox to work every time you switch it on this chip could be the cause of your problem. If you have to re-program certain parts of your jukebox to make it work the chances are the timekeeper chip has died and needs replacing. We have a new replacement chip for £17 with free postage or if you don't feel confident at having to re-program all of the features that you used to have, like free play and album play, you can send the complete board to us and we will re-program it for you for, just pay us for shipping.


We can repair CDM 12 laser units for any jukebox. Is your music skipping or the disc just spins a little before putting the disc back, the chances are the laser head needs replacing. Just send us your faulty laser unit and we will repair it for you. The total cost £85 with free postage. Keep coming back to this page as we are trying to get replacement parts for the CDM 3 and CDM 4 and will update this page as soon as we can.