UK Customers

The most prefered method is with a cheque or if you are coming to collect, cash or Building Society cheque.

Non-UK Customers

Depending on which part of the world you are from payment methods will differ so just let us know where you are from and we will send you full details. For Jukeboxes, you MUST arrange transport from your own country. This is the easiest way for you as you will know when it will be collected, when it will arrive and how much it is going to cost you. We will make sure the jukebox is properly packaged for it's journey.


Delivery of neons made espesially for you will depend on size, very large neons will be delivered by us at cost. We don't intend to make profit from delivering your neon but we do intend to make sure it arrives safe and sound. Smaller neons will be shipped overseas at cost which will obviously depend on where you live. They will be well protected for their journey. UK postage for smaller neons will be no more than £10.00